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In the unanimous opinion of those who have implemented the approach, the 3 main reasons for the success of the 5S are:

    Improved branding
    Immediate results in Quality Costs Time and Safety thanks to greater efficiency at the workplace
    Strong and lasting increase in motivation and state of mind Continuous improvement of each employee

    5S products are simple and immediately operational to succeed your 5S pilot site.
    All documents, games and accessories are the same (and the most recent version) that the consultants of AL Consulting use during their missions of setting up 5S at our customers.
    They derive from our 27 years of field experience in 5S Action Training.
    Here you have the best guarantee of a successful implementation of the 5S.
    This product is primarily intended for the training of small teams of workshops or offices (5 to 9 people).
    It can also be used for training one person in a workshop or office.

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