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SMED : The Complete Package

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SMED: A Major Key to the flexibilty of production.
A necessity for the success of Lean Manufacturing.


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In most of the cases, you will get this answer : "Reduce time to change the tools to improve production capacity".

While in some cases this response may be correct, the SMED is primarily a tool to decrease the size of production batches.

Smaller and smaller lots allow in the same period of time to manufacture all the references necessary for the different Clients of the Company and in the same time reduce the product stocks and therefore the lead time (Lead Time).

  • Let us simply recall that the stock is not a necessary evil but an absolute evil. It hides the underperformance or weaknesses of the process (non-quality, unreliabillity and mostly non flexibility).

Taking this absolute evil as an opportunity for improvement in the gradual introduction of the Just Needed, inventory reduction becomes a real engine of progress.

Implementing the SMED in a sustainable manner is a prerequisite for the Just Needed (Lean Manufacturing).

To know everything about the SMED : smed.al-consulting.com

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